#HURŌ | Birthday card
#HURŌ | Birthday card
#HURŌ | Birthday card

#HURŌ | Birthday card

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He kāri whakanui rā whānau

He pēnei te nui o te kāri me te kōpaki:

Kāri: 148mm x 210mm

Kōpaki: 164mm x 235mm 

A birthday card

The size of the card and envelope are:

Card: 148mm x 210mm

Envelope: 164mm x 235mm 

Downloadable slip reads: "Hurō” is a Māori word for joy, or cheerfulness, and in this context, is kind of being used like the English saying “Hooray!” The inside of the card is simply saying, “it’s your birthday” and expressing a hope that the day is absolutely awesome for you, the person receiving this card. We really hope it is!